18 November 2017  
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  • Problem in registering password
    Shaikh Aamir Zakir,,,13/09/2017
    Plz write the details in mail and send to egranthalaya@nic.in
  • i want to know about training schedule
    ashok kumar,assitant librarian,CBSE,09/09/2017
    Training conducted time to tiem and updates available at our web site.
  • My library is neither shown in Individual Library Catalogue nor in Cluster catalogue under e-Granthalaya cloud service. So please solve the issue. Library Name is Punjab Urdu Academy Library Library Code is PUALIB
    Naurin Ashraf,Librarian,Punjab Urdu Academy,23/08/2017
    Your library is not having any data, once u will complete data entry in eG4 then your librry will also be ported to Union Catalog.
    eG4 is given to Central/State Govt ministries/departments/organizations only.
  • Dear Sir, I We are using e-Granthalay 3.0 software since last 6 months. the software is very good. but there is a problem while entering the data in the software. if we enter multiple copies of books in the software the same time it become slow, it shows red colour arrows. kindly guide us waiting for your response Thanking You Yours Sincerely Ramkisan More
    Ramkisan A. More,Librarian,Navnirman Shikshan Sanstha Laxmibai Sitaram Halbe College of ACS, Dodamarg,17/03/2017
    Plz dicuss the issue with us and problem will be sorted out immediately.
  • In our college we are interested to automate and manage the libary using library management software. Our college is government college and guide us to implement this project. what are the steps to proceed further
    Satheesha K M,Head o the Department Electronics and Communication Engneering,Karnataka Govt Polytchnic Mangaluru,17/03/2017
    Plz send official letter to get e-granthalaya
  • We would like to know the procedure to use e-Granthalaya in our University.
    Saurabh Umalkar,Assistant Director, Computer Programmer,Sanchi University of Buddhist-Indic Studies,20/02/2017
    In case ur uni. is from Govt then send official letter to get eG.
  • We are still running EG3 in our local server. and one data by you on this link: How could we upgrade plaese guide us.
    Librarian,,Nepal Bharat Libray, Embassy of India,08/02/2017
    eG3 users will be upgraded to eG4 soon.
  • there is a message displayed plz set database connection in the next form . when i m trying its not working
    Plz read last chpater of eG3 User Manual for details.
  • Sir, this is Lohith T a librarian in a CBSE School run by a NGO that is SWAMI VIVEKANANDA YOUTH MOVEMENT working in different domain like Health,Education,Socio Economic development, Training & research sector we would like to have E-Granthalaya 4.0 for our institution can we have these software for our institution with free of cost. How we can download & what is the right channel to have the software? Please guide me.
    eG4 is hosted in NIC Cloud for online usage, and given to Govt organizations only.
  • Sir, We are very thankful to receive the CD of eG3. there are some issues at the time of installation of e G3. we would like to contact through helpline number but not able to connect. Our computer is configured with win 8.1 64 bit processor. Is this CD compatible with win 8.1 version if not kindly send us new CD our office address.Kindly help us installation of this software. Thanking you
    eG3 can be installed over any version of windows. plz give remote access of ur pc at 011-24305489.
  • Sir, We are very thankful to receive the CD of eG3. there are some issues at the time of installation of e G3. we would like to contact through helpline number but not able to connect. Our computer is configured with win 8.1 64 bit processor. Is this CD compatible with win 8.1 version if not kindly send us new CD our office address.Kindly help us installation of this software. Thanking you
    Plz give remote access of ur Pc using AMMYY Admin 3.5 and tell ur ID over 011-24305489.
  • Sir, Its a excellent software.I want to ask that can we add vedios and e-books/fulltext documents or iso file from winisis software to this software if such facility is there how can we include those data in eg3. Thanking you Sona Sivadasan K.V Thrissur
    SONA S,LIBRARIAN,KVS,18/01/2017
    in eG4 we have facility to upload Digital Documents in many formats alogn with catalog records of the documents - such digital documents can then be accessed using OPAC by ur members.
  • I would like to inquire whether you give support to public schools for digital library automation. Our school is a minority unaided institution. We would appreciate if we also get e-granthalaya with your support. Also let us know if it will be free of cost or on some payment basis, Thanks
    Anju Sharma,,School,10/01/2017
    Sir, presently eGranthalaya is not provided to Public Schools, but in future we may provide it on payment basis.
  • plz sent installection manual e -granthalaya 3.0 & SQL 2005
    It is at http://egranthalaya.nic.in
  • on my client PC please set up your database connection this type of massage come what can i do to solve this.
    Nitin Chaware,,,09/01/2017
    Plz read last chapter of eG3 User Manual or give remote access of ur PC by installing AMMYY Admin 3.5 in it from Google and tell ur ID over 011-24305489.
  • Respected Sir, I Have already used to E-Granthalaya 3.0 Version From 2010 to till date. But sir i want to need Update version E-Granthalaya 4.0 CD for update of our s/w we can update our library services . So I Kindly Request to you please provide me Update E-Granthalaya 4.0 CD. Thanking You
    Mangal Singh,Librarian,Patel Group Of Institutions,26/12/2016
    eG4 is not given in CD, it is hosted in NIC Cloud and used online for Data Entry and Member Services. Plz send official letter/mail to update to eG4.
  • I had remote access for installation of software in my new machine. The support and excellent and cordial. Hats off to the commitment and dedication of You and Your team.S N Bhat, KV Mangalore
    SN BHAT,LIBRARIAN,KVS,21/12/2016
  • Sir, I had some problem with installing the software in my 64 bit windows 10 computer. I had remote access with NIC New Delhi. The response was excellent and the technician/Engineer was very cordial and helpful. I got it installed immediately. Hats off to your committed service. with wishes. SN Bhat, Senior Librarian KV Mangalore
    SN BHAT,LIBRARIAN,KVS,21/12/2016
  • Dear Sir, Our college is an affiliated college of university of Delhi,and fully funded by government of Delhi . We want to install e-granthalaya in our library and administration with your kind support. Kindly let us know the procedure to avail it,where and whom to contact regarding this? Regards Dr.S. K.Yadav Member Library committee Aditi Mahavidyalaya, university of Delhi
    Dr.Santosh Kumar Yadav,Assistant professor,Aditi Mahavidyalaya, University of Delhi,21/12/2016
    Plz send us an official letter from Principal along with duly filled Request Form to get Login of eG4.
  • sir,our college is aided ,i can get e-granthalaya 3.0 ver.cd so plz help me
    Presently, Eg4 is not given to AIDED colleges, however in near future software may be proivded on nominal payment.
  • Dear sir, I am working in government school library I have to computerise our library what should i do kindly guide me for the same. Kaleem Librarian GBSS School Delhi

  • I lost my data and everything as my hard disk crashed although i m having backup but how i m going to reinstall egranth software . kindly help me out.
    Anupa Negi,Librarian,CRPF PUBLIC SCHOOL DWARKA ND,09/12/2016
    In case u r having backup of DB then re-install eG3 in ur PC and restore ur current DB in SQL Server with backup. How? plz read database restore guide from our site and also last chapter of eG3 User Manual or write us.
  • Please inform me if any workshop or training will be in Delhi.
    Tara Singh,Librarian,AIS,05/12/2016
    Plz visit our web site regularly. In case u r user of our software then u will also be infomed by mail.
  • Dear sir, We in EG3 since 15/7/2014. how we can shift all these data to your newly launched eg4 and in cloud. please mail it with full guidance.
    Nepal Bharat Library,,Nepal Bharat Libray, Embassy of India,23/11/2016
    In case u r from govt sector and having NET PC with min 4MBPS speed then plz write us for migration to eG4.

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